President Obama releases FY 2010 proposed budget

President Obama today released the broad outlines of his proposed budget for FY 2010, setting the stage for a detailed budget proposal to follow in April. Every indication is that this will be the best federal budget in years for America’s environment and public lands, and the first budget ever to assume revenues from a cap on carbon pollution and an auction of carbon credits. “Today’s White House announcement brings welcome evidence that President Obama and his administration are deeply committed to protecting our nation’s lands, air, and water and the human communities that depend on them,” said Wilderness Society President Bill Meadows. “Today’s budget announcement also makes clear that the oil and gas industry will not continue to enjoy a taxpayer-funded feast at the expense of America’s public lands and waters. Following his strong statement on climate when he addressed Congress on Tuesday night, the President today offered further confirmation that it’s not business-as-usual in Washington when it comes to fighting global warming pollution.” Read Meadows’ statement on the budget.