Protected! What wilderness lovers achieved this year

wildflowers in Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

Bill Bouton

What a year for wilderness! In 2011, the oil, gas, coal and timber industries unleashed a furious effort to grab up more of the nation’s wildlands and waters. The response in Congress was alarming with an unprecedented amount of legislative efforts to open massive amounts of sensitive natural areas.

Wilderness lovers like you helped us hold the line against these attacks and go even further, scoring several major victories for threatened wildlands.

What wilderness lovers helped us achieve this year:

Pristine forests made safe
After a decade of attempts by the timber industry to open protected roadless forests, a U.S. federal court ruled that 49 million acres of America’s national forests will remain wild. More

A slice of Colorado’s canyon country protected
Vermillion Basin, a little-known treasure is now safe after a decade-and-a-half long struggle to prevent oil and gas leasing in the colorful area just outside Dinosaur National Monument. More

A new national Monument
After months of campaigning to make Fort Monroe, Va., a national monument, we scored! President Obama designated Fort Monroe in November. More

Congress considers new Wilderness bills
It can take years to get a wilderness bill introduced in the U.S. Congress, yet wilderness supporters did it again and again in 2011. Wilderness bills were introduced for special places in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Michigan, and two different regions in California. More

Thank you, wilderness supporters!

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