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Real Mama Grizzly imageThis March we've launched a major campaign to honor Real Mama Grizzlies. No, I'm not talking about Sarah Palin's conservative women, but the women who do their part to protect and defend wilderness. National Women's History Month is the perfect time to give them recognition.

I believe all the amazing women throughout conservation are Mama Grizzlies each day when they come to work. They know that there are plenty of metaphorical wilderness cubs out there that need nurturing and protection. For example, the “cubs” that our mama--and papa--grizzlies defend on a daily basis include places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, iconic western lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and our majestic National Forests--all of which are under pressure from either oil and gas drilling, extractive industries or abusive off-road vehicle use.

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You can read more about the Real Mama Grizzly campaign and the amazing women who have shaped American conservation here.

And if you're proud to be a Mama Grizzly (or a daddy grizz) sign our Real Mama Grizzly pledge to protect wildlands.

Also, we want to spread the recognition to all women who deserve it. We invite you to leave your own story about Real Mama Grizzlies that you know in the comment section below. If that Mama Grizz is you, let us know how you do your grizzly mothering.

Grizzly mamas might be:

  • women who defend wildlands as part of their careers
  • women who inspire others to take care of the earth and the world's natural treasures
  • women who simply do their part everyday to tread lightly on the earth or help instill wilderness values in younger generations.

Thanks and keep on mothering!

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