Secretary Jewell's speech offers vision for conservation

Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell's speech at the Center for Strategic International Engagement laid out a strong agenda to strengthen our economy while maintaining a focus on conservation. 

“Not only should we actively avoid damaging special or sensitive places, but we should also permanently protect some areas for their conservation values,” Jewell said. “Future generations of Americans deserve to enjoy those incredible places, just like we do.”

In her speech, Secretary Jewell highlighted that:

  • Solar energy has increased 10 fold, wind energy has tripled since 2008
  • Need to balance energy needs with protecting places that are too special to develop
  • Regulations to cut climate change-causing emissions will be proposed in the coming months
  • There must be a fair return on the use of natural resources on public lands
  • New forms of energy development should be matched with with new protections for land and water
  • The U.S. should lead the world on energy, climate and conservation