States picking up the Climate Slack

Cascades Mountain Range - Photo courtesy of USFWS

While the Senate sleeps climate impacts continue to unfold across the country. That’s the bad news. If there’s any silver lining here it’s that states from coast to coast are recognizing climate impacts and taking steps to address them.

That’s right—the other side of the climate coin, adaptation, is finally getting the attention it deserves. That’s good news for the health of our communities and economy.

On the west coast, the California Legislature approved a resolution requesting Congress do just what my colleagues and I in DC have been pushing for: establish a comprehensive framework, with dedicated funding, for helping our “wildlife, habitats, coasts, watersheds, rivers and other natural resources and ecosystems” adapt to climate change.

In the Midwest, Michigan and Wisconsin just agreed to work together to both reduce GHGs and develop adaptation strategies to help the Great Lakes region remain resilient in a warming world.

On the East Coast, a new report highlights the clear and present danger from climate change on national treasures ranging from historic Jamestown to Chincoteague to Shenandoah.

While these are all mission-critical steps, we still need strong action from Congress. Will the latest rig explosion jumpstart the Senate? Will Americans demand a clean energy future? The ball is in our court, and history will judge us accordingly.

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