Time Magazine names nature as #1 way to improve your life

flickr, B@ni

When it comes to making life better for you, what’s more important than exercise, companionship or even sleep? Getting outdoors, according to Time Magazine. They named nature as #1 in a top ten list of things to do daily to improve life. “You probably seriously underestimate how important this is,” the author writes. “Actually, there’s research that says you do.”

Spending time in nature can cover a load of other bases as well, including fitness, time with loved ones, challenge and feeling gratitude. There’s evidence of all of the ways spending time outdoors can enhance your mental, emotional and physical well being:

Photo: Inyo National Forest, California, by Stillthedudeabides, flickr

Still, a ton of scientific studies aren’t an instant cure-all for the rampant nature deficit many people are affected by. Only by experiencing for ourselves everything that nature offers can we come to know how much better life can be.

And of course, without wild places there wouldn’t be such opportunities. Join us in protecting them!

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