Video: baby beaver stumbles upon kayaking author

Baby beaver encounters kayak in New York’s North Tivoli Bay

screenshot from video taken by Susan Fox Rogers

Its not every day that one can encounter a nocturnal, semi-aquatic beaver. Which is why an encounter with a baby beaver is even more remarkable.

Last month, author Susan Fox Rogers got lucky while kayaking in New York’s North Tivoli Bay when an apparently lost baby beaver swam up to her boat.

Lucky for us, she captured her experience on video:

Rogers shared the story of her meeting with the beaver in an entry in her online journal, which was also published in the EarthDesk blog.

“It came as a surprise when I spied a beaver snout moving toward me. About five feet in front of my kayak, the little beaver crawled up into the mud, and perched there, letting out a darling, but slightly heartbreaking mew. It then plunked back into the water and swam toward me, looping around my paddles and nuzzling the boat,” she recalls.

“I guessed it was lost. Across the channel rested a stick pile, a beaver lodge. I moved my boat to the middle of the channel thinking the little beaver might swim to me once again and this would get it closer to home. It did. And I had the foresight to turn on the video in my pocket camera. And sure enough, after it rounded the stern of my boat, the baby beaver swam off toward the lodge.”

Rogers’ hands-off response was aptly in line with Leave No Trace principles. Respecting wildlife means respecting their space. As Rogers also notes in her journal, the beaver was once decimated in the area due to fur trapping in the 1800s.

The rebound of New York’s beaver population has been due in part to increased habitat. Help us protect more wild lands to ensure beavers and other wild animals can always find their way home.

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