Video: Getting kids outdoors and away from TV

Kids enjoy a camp outdoors in Chevy Chase, Md. The time kids spend outdoors has dropped 16 percent in the last five years, according to a CBS news report. 

CBS video

For most children, summer vacation means less time at school and more time at home. But shouldn’t summer really be about time in the sunshine and wilderness?

A recent video from CBS news reports that the time kids spend outdoors has dropped 16 percent in just the past five years. And the average American child now spends an astonishing 53 hours a week using technology, according to report.

Clearly, as kids spend more time on computers and handheld devices, they spend less time outdoors. It's all a bit depressing, but this video also features refreshing sound bytes from kids spending summer at an outdoor camp in Chevy Chase, Md., instead of at home watching television.  

As we know, children really do love playing outdoors, and programs like this one remind us how important something as simple as mud can really be.

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