Video: Playful bear a reminder of why we're protecting Montana's Crown of the Continent

Canada Parks

A video of a grizzly bear playing in the spring snow in Banff National Park, Canada, is spreading on social media this week.

And the popularity of this video is no surprise given the completely adorable footage of this apex predator in a 'soft' moment.

Many thanks to Huffington Post and Canada Parks for posting this great video. This area is not too far north of the Crown of the Continent, a vast, wild area we're working to protect in Montana's Rockies. These bears needs lots of space to roam, and this particular bear is a great reminder of the wildlife we can protect by keeping the Crown of the Continent intact.  

Just south of Canada's Banff National Park, the Crown of the Continent begins and sprawls across the U.S.-Canadian border and down into northwestern Montana. With the densest and largest grizzly bear populations, the Crown is the last place in America where grizzlies still venture down from the Rocky Mountains and onto the prairies. 

The Crown is one of only two fully intact ecosystems remaining in the lower 48 states where grizzlies, elk, moose and wolves still thrive. It represents one of the best opportunities in the nation to keep big blocks of wild country connected and healthy - and to provide bars like this one room to roam. 

Learn more about our work to Protect Montana's "bear country", the Crown of the Continent. 

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