#WeAreTheWild video featured at Environmental Media Association Awards

Wendie Malick walks up to the podium to introduce the We Are The Wild PSA at the Environmental Media Association Awards ceremony on Saturday, October 18.

Arto Saari, Appeal to Reason Media

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, The Wilderness Society wants to extend our deepest gratitude to the Environmental Media Association (EMA) for the admirable work they do to promote environmental awareness through the entertainment industry and for their support of our work to protect our nation’s wild places.
EMA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of the entertainment industry and the media to educate the global public on environmental issues and motivate sustainable lifestyles.
On October 18, they hosted the 25th annual Environmental Media Association Awards. The EMA Awards honor film and television productions and individuals that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire personal action on these issues. The EMAs have become the green standard for the entertainment industry.
It was an honor to join them at this green carpet event this year and watch The Wilderness Society’s We Are The Wild public service announcement on the big screen.
Watch the We Are The Wild PSA below:
The Wilderness Society’s We Are The Wild campaign celebrates wilderness through sharing our collective wilderness experiences.​ Without the Environmental Media Association’s support, the We Are The Wild campaign would not be possible. EMA, in collaboration with Appeal to Reason Media, produced the We Are The Wild public service announcements.
In this PSA, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, Lance Bass, Cheryl Strayed, Wendie Malick, DJ Spooky, Princess Lucaj, Madison Bumgarner, Keri Herman and others came together to share their love of wilderness and to ask the question: “Where is your wild?” Their voices, paired with footage from all over the west, from the California coast to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, are a powerful reminder of the transformative power of wilderness and the importance of protecting the places we love.

Thank you to the Environmental Media Association for helping The Wilderness Society inspire more Americans to care for wild places and ensure they are preserved for future generations.