The Wilderness Society and The Dreaming Tree Wines look back on 2014 Dave Matthews Tour

Flickr, Grosler

The 2014 Dave Matthews Band Tour wrapped up this last Saturday with the final show in Irvine, CA. We had a wonderful time teaming up with the Dreaming Tree Wines again the summer to share a booth in Reverb’s Eco Village. This summer we asked concert guests a question: “Where Is Your Wild?” We got some great responses! More than 660 people at nine shows told us about their favorite places to get outside and connect with nature.

Here are some of the responses:

Adina Porter from True Blood told us that her favorite wild place is Central Park in NYC.

Jon Urlie from Seattle, WA loves to get out in the North Cascades.

From city parks to federally-designated Wilderness areas, each one of us has memories made possible by nature. The future of wilderness protection in America is dependent on Americans continuing to connect to nature.

That’s why we are so thankful for the support of companies like The Dreaming Tree Wines who share our value of inspiring more Americans to protect our nation’s public lands and the carbon-storing forests they contain.

The Dreaming Tree has a strong commitment to sustainability and fighting climate change (learn more about their sustainability efforts here). America’s public lands play a crucial but underappreciated role in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change. The Wilderness Society is committed to supporting policies that reduce carbon emissions, transitioning America to clean energy, and supporting large landscapes that help nature cope in the face of climate change. Learn more about our work on climate change here.

We at The Wilderness Society extend our deepest appreciation to The Dreaming Tree Wines and their support of our work to protect America’s wild places.