Wilderness Society Gives Thumbs Up to Interior Appointee

President-elect Barack Obama announced Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., as his appointee to lead his administration's Department of the Interior on Dec. 17, noting that his nominee brings an “abiding commitment to this land that we love.”

The Wilderness Society's president, Bill Meadows, praised the selection of Salazar to lead America toward a future where energy development is balanced with other uses of our public lands, saying, “Senator Salazar is an excellent choice to lead the Department of the Interior at a critical time when the West faces extraordinarily complex energy, conservation, and development challenges.”

“He has a lifelong understanding and involvement in the West’s public lands issues and, as Senator, has demonstrated time and again that protecting Colorado’s natural features is a priority for him,” Meadows added. “He understands the need to defend the West’s land, water, wildlife, and communities while appropriately exploring for oil and gas and other extractive resources.”