The Wilderness Society Releases Congressional Briefing Book

With Congress back in session, our staff and policy experts have been working with members of the presidential transition team and with members of Congress to advise them on steps they can quickly take to right many of the environmental wrongs of the past eight years.

To help educate new members of Congress on the nation’s public land management system, our staff is busy delivering our new briefing book to Capitol Hill. The book contains sections on a wide variety of important land management issues from energy development to global warming.

In the area of protecting our unroaded forests, the book contains a section dedicated to Roadless Area Protection. Much can be done to better manage our nation’s public lands, including protecting our most pristine forests from road construction, logging, mining and other industry. Such forests play a critical role in safeguarding habitat and boosting the quality of life for people.

In this briefing book, you’ll also find an introduction to all of the major land management agencies (National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, Bureau of Land Management and The National Forests) and to all of our major issues. We hope you find it useful for understanding the most important land management issues confronting our new leadership.

Read our recommendations to Congress about roadless protection or check out the entire book here.