Wilderness Society Staffer Goes Solar!

Amanda Eisen, Foundation and Corporate Relations Officer at The Wilderness Society

As a staff member of The Wilderness Society, I am well aware of how climate change is already posing a serious threat to our precious wild places. Increased forest fires, receding polar ice, drought, pests and other impacts are growing more serious by the day. We understand the need to move away from our dependence on fossil fuels and find cleaner energy solutions. As an organization, we advocate for smart renewable energy options that can help us make this transition without putting additional stress on our wild open spaces.

Generating as much solar power as we can from existing rooftops is one of the simplest steps we can take toward a clean energy future and it would decrease demand for large projects our public lands. That's why I decided to sign up for a home solar lease with our corporate partner, Sungevity. As a homeowner in the state of Maryland, I was eligible to sign up for a no-money-down solar lease with Sungevity. In doing so, I was able to lower my monthly electric bill while generating clean energy to use in my home. Plus I was eligible to receive a $750 gift card and generate a $750 donation back to The Wilderness Society!  That's what I call a win-win-win:  I get a solar powered house, The Wilderness Society gets $750 to continue our important conservation work and the earth breathes a little easier.

The Wilderness Society has played a major role in advocating for smart public policies to ensure that solar energy on our public lands is put in the right places and at the right scale. We also recognize the importance of individual actions we can all take to protect the environment. Sungevity offers a great way for us to start harnessing the power of the sun, right from our rooftops. Sungevity services are currently offered in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

Companies like Sungevity are making it easy for more and more people to “go solar” through their solar lease program. They handle all the red tape and provide great customer service and a performance guarantee. Plus, Sungevity is committed to giving back a portion of their profits to the non-profit sector through their unique partnership program. I hope you will consider joining me in becoming a part of the rooftop revolution!

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