Wilderness Society takes on Birthers’ video

For many months the fight to pass climate legislation has been the talk of the town here in D.C. From seasoned policy veterans to our development staff to our interns, it’s been “all hands on deck” here at The Wilderness Society as we work against powerful interest groups to pass a bill that will protect our treasured landscapes and dependent communities from the impacts of global warming pollution. After months of attending hearings, dropping off factsheets to hundreds of congressional offices and even being on Capitol Hill the evening the House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454), our interns produced a video in hopes of spurring much-needed action from young citizen activists across the country.

Playing off of the now-infamous “Birthers” videos, this humorous take on a serious issue is sure to make you laugh, and will hopefully encourage you to pick up the phone and urge your Senator to support the strong clean energy jobs and climate legislation our economy and wildlands need.