Wilderness Society Urges Senators to Fund Natural Resources in Climate Bill

To show the Senate that support for strong climate legislation is broad and deep, The Wilderness Society and more than 600 other national and regional conservation, outdoor, sportsmen, recreation and faith groups have written Senators to urge their leadership in passing comprehensive climate and energy legislation.

In a September 15 letter, the groups called on the Senate to “get the whole job done this year” by ensuring that a climate bill not only reduces the greenhouse gas emissions triggering climate change, but also safeguards natural resources, wildlife, and communities threatened by the changes that global warming has already set in motion.

The groups called for a Senate bill that will:

  • Establish a national policy framework to begin addressing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources;
  • Provide increased scientific capacity, coordination and information sharing; and
  • Dedicate 5% of the total allowance value to federal, state and tribal agencies to implement identified actions needed to conserve natural resources in a warming world.

Read the news release.