Women's Adventure magazine features BLM Action Center Director among women leaders for environment

Wilderness Society's Nada Culver, deemed by Women's Adventure magazine as the reigning maven on all things related to energy on public lands.

The Wilderness Society prides itself on its committed staff members whose devotion makes them leaders among their peers. So we weren't surprised to hear that Nada Culver, Director and Senior Counsel for our BLM Action Center, was recently featured in Women’s Adventure magazine with other women leaders for environmental causes.

In the article "Mothering Nature," Women's Adventure deems Nada 'the reigning maven on all things related to energy on public lands." 


Here is an excerpt featuring Nada:

Public lands belong to all of us, and many Americans don't know what a treasure their own. I want them to get a chance to know and have a say before they are lost," explains Culver, who empowers citizens to participate in governmental processes that will shape land-use decisions.

Culver's main objective? Steer the federal government away from destructive and damaging oil and gas drilling and toward renewable energy that will "protect wilderness, wildlife, and other precious parts of our public lands."

There is a sense of urgency with such work since the oil and gas industry currently hold leases for 38 million acres of public lands-equal to the size of the entire state of Florida. "Energy development is a huge threat to wilderness, and the threat is not going away," says Culver. "Putting more energy development on these lands is no small matter, but we actually have a chance right now to make sure it's not spread thoughtlessly across the landscape. So, we can reshape both the energy we develop and how we develop it."

Read "Mothering Nature" on page 51 in the Winter issue of Women’s Adventure magazine: http://issuu.com/womensadventuremagazine/docs/winter2012-13/51