Would the Real Mama Grizzlies please stand up? We asked, 45,000 answered

A great big virtual bear hug goes out to all conservation-minded women AND men who participated in our Real Mama Grizzly campaign during National Women's History Month.

We set out to get 25,000 people to pledge to be real mama grizzlies in their everyday lives and our expectations were far surpassed. To date, more than 45,000 mama and daddy grizzlies have signed our pledge. Please click here if you haven’t pledged yet!

We launched the Real Mama Grizzly campaign at the start of March to celebrate women who work each day, whether through green lifestyles, or on the job, to protect our precious wilderness and wildlife. We knew Sarah Palin had long ago claimed dibs on the Mama Grizzly name to describe her female following, but we felt it was time to have some fun and reclaim it  for the women who most deserve it – those who work to preserve our wild places, regardless of their political persuasion.

We also heard from supporters with touching stories about inspirational women. We heard about women who dedicate their free time to trail maintenance, women who work to save struggling birds, women who write environmental columns and blogs and many more. I hope you'll take a moment to read those stories here, and please, if you know a mama grizzly, share her story in the comments section below. She deserves a little recognition!

We also enjoyed telling a few of our own stories with the Real Mama Grizzly blog and celebrating some amazing modern-day and historic Mama Grizzlies who work in the conservation movement.

Overall, it's been an amazing month for all of us who worked on this campaign. It's been an honor to have been involved in sharing and hearing the positive stories about women who commit their time to an ambition that isn't always easy.

Again, thank you to all the mama grizzlies and papa grizzlies who helped us celebrate all the strong, smart and caring women who have ever risen up and roared (metaphorically of course) to protect our wildlands. And thank you to every mama grizzly whose out there protecting wild places as I write. You know who you are.