Yellowstone's geyser eruptions? There's an app for that

Yellowstone National Park (via Facebook)

A new free app, NPS Yellowstone Geysers, allows Yellowstone National Park visitors to track eruptions and also watch them remotely via live stream.

About half of the world’s active geysers - and the largest concentration of them - are found in Yellowstone, including the famous Old Faithful.

The app offers real-time eruption predictions for Old Faithful and five other geysers. Every eruption is different, so the predictions generally fall with in a window of 20 minutes for Old Faithful and 90 minutes for Grand Geyser, for example.

It also provides links to the park's webcams for those who either are or are not in the park.

The app is the first step towards making the park more digitally immersive.

“We have plans to make many more apps, for a variety of devices and platforms, to explore our bigger research question: Can mobile technologies do better [to inform] than other information technologies at the park, such as brochures and wayside signs?” project lead Brett Oppegaard told Outside Magazine. Oppegaard developed the first interpretive mobile app for the National Parks Service five years ago.

Spotty cellular reception may be an issue, but the major geysers are covered according to the park's Facebook page.

The app is now available for smartphones and tablets in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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