Infographic: Explore our amazing BLM lands

With land management agencies being in the spotlight lately, it is important for us to keep in mind the role agencies play, the value public lands bring to our communities and why we as a country can be thankful that those before us thought ahead by creating public agencies that would work on the behalf of all citizens to best manage our wildlands.
Understanding how public lands came to be and the importance of the federal government being stewards of the land is as important as the place itself. While many of us often can identify with places like national parks, forests and wildlife refuges, each year millions of Americans, smiles in tow, head out to recreate and enjoy places often referred to as “BLM lands.”
Nearly 100% of the lands currently managed by the BLM have been under federal control since they were acquired by the United States through the Louisiana Purchase, other land deals and the Mexican Cession and have never been private lands or state lands. This means that agencies, like the BLM (which came to be after a few other different named federal programs changed names), have the daunting task and legal obligation to protect and manage the many different resources our lands hold.  We invite you to learn more about the role of the BLM and the amazing lands it manages in this infographic: 

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