Infographic shows the horror of Ryan Zinke's first year as Interior Secretary

Before starting his job as Trump's Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, a former U.S. representative from Montana, sold himself as a rugged Teddy Roosevelt conservationist. But a year later, Zinke has proven that he is no friend to wildlands.

As Interior Secretary, Zinke oversees the management of vast swaths of federal lands, largely Bureau of Land Management lands in Western states. The law requires his department to manage these public lands for a balanced mix of activities ranging from habitat conservation and outdoor recreation to grazing and resource development. But contrary to this requirement, Zinke has aggressively executed Trump’s antiquated goal of ramping up fossil fuel development at the expense of all else. This infographic tells the story of Zinke's frightening first year as secretary and begs the question "What more will our wildlands have to endure in the coming years?"