Map: National treasures funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund--a program Congress wants to kill

UPDATE: In December 2015, Congress struck a deal to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund for three years—a hard-fought win for The Wilderness Society and our members

Randomly drop your finger on this map and you're guaranteed to land on a magnificent natural attraction, a rich historic site or an all-American recreation spot. That's the nature of a map that highlights places funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), one of our country's top conservation tools for preserving national parks, forests, trails and recreation sites.

Many more national gems are waiting to receive funding from the LWCF, but this won't happen if Congress continues on the path it's on. The Land and Water Conservation Fund is at risk of being dismantled this fall by a largely anti-conservation Congress that has shown little interest in supporting conservation programs on public lands. 

Map: Explore highlights of your LWCF treasures

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As you can see, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has helped preserve an amazing array of American treasures--from Redwood National Park to George Washington's National Birthplace. The fund is considered one of America's most successful conservation programs (see the full project list with our LWCF data map), and if you've ever recreated at a nearby open space, local trail or a national park, there's a good chance you, too, have benefited.

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