New Mexico

New Mexico boasts some of nation’s most majestic wildlands, from the snowy peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the wind-tossed grasses of Otero Mesa, all linked by the mighty Rio Grande.

We are dedicated to ensuring that development, oil and gas drilling, mining and other threats don’t fragment the state’s natural wonders, which would damage wildlife habitat and hurt local economies.   

Some of the wildest land left in the Rocky Mountain West is in New Mexico, but only about two percent of the state is protected as federally designated wilderness. Among areas especially in need of protection, the Rio Grande Watershed—a cornerstone of the state’s ecology, culture and economy—is likely to be hit hard by drought and other effects of climate change in the years ahead.  

The Wilderness Society will work works with partners to protect New Mexico wildlands, wildlife habitat and sites of cultural value from intrusive development while helping to guide renewable energy development away from sensitive areas.  

Areas of focus:

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks

Despite the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks national monument designation, this stunning area’s landscape, wildlife, cultural landmarks and pockets of solitude—remains vulnerable. We are working to protect wilderness in this treasured landscape. 

Rio Grande del Norte

The Rio Grande del Norte region of northern New Mexico is at the heart of one of the oldest continually inhabited landscapes on the continent, and deserves the highest level of protection from development.

Otero Mesa

Otero Mesa is a biologically-diverse remnant of wild Chihuahuan desert with an enduring connection to Native American tribes. We are working to secure critical protections from oil and gas drilling, mining and other threats that threaten the area and its wildlife.

Cibola National Forest

As Cibola National Forest overhauls its outdated management plan, we are working to protect the wildest areas in this distinctive series of “sky islands.” 

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