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At Wilderness, we look for opportunities to partner with companies who share our values and our commitment to protecting wild places and inspiring Americans to care for them.

Since 1935, The Wilderness Society has led the effort to permanently protect more than 109 million acres of American wilderness. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major public lands victory, and turned back industrial and ideological attacks on our most iconic wild places.

We believe that our public lands represent a uniquely American ideal – that millions of acres of this nation’s lands belong to and should benefit all of us. We envision a country where people from all backgrounds can connect to nature, where people recognize and share in the benefits of public lands, and where people are inspired to care for these places.

Our success is due in part to long-standing relationships with our incredible partners. We collaborate with members of the non-profit community, local and national businesses, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, hunters and anglers, and others.  Our expert conservation staff work in 12 offices around the country, and through our membership and robust social media following (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium), we bring together Americans to preserve our nation’s rich natural legacy for future generations.       

We welcome new opportunities to partner with companies who share our values, and who are committed to advancing our priority work: protecting our wild public lands in large connected landscapes; guiding energy development to the right places and ensuring public lands contribute to climate solutions; and ensuring that all people can access and share in the benefits of the outdoors, from urban parks to big wild places. 

Partnership opportunities

Cause-related marketing, brand licensing, and sponsorship

We collaborate with our partners to design marketing partnerships that raise awareness and support for our priority programs. These partnerships are a way for customers and employees to get involved in protecting America’s public lands, connecting youth to the outdoors, and taking action on climate change.

Program underwriting and support

From 12 offices across the country, our expert conservation team focuses on priority landscapes representing the greatest opportunity for wildland protection, climate solutions and equitable access to the outdoors. Some of our hottest issues include monument and wilderness designations, energy and climate solutions, and outdoor recreation.

Workplace giving and matching gifts

Make it easy for your team to get more involved in philanthropy by offering a workplace giving program through automatic payroll deduction. Feeling up for a challenge? Inspire your team to give back by matching their contributions throughout the year.

Gifts received through employee donations help fund our priority work: protecting public lands in large connected landscapes, making public lands part of the climate solution, and working to ensure equitable access to public lands and green spaces for everyone.

*The Wilderness Society meets all standards for charity accountability set by the BBB/Wise Giving Alliance. See our accountability for more information.

Our partners

The Wilderness Society is proud to partner with companies who share our commitment to protecting wilderness and inspiring Americans to care for our wild places. 



Partner guidelines

We welcome the opportunity to develop partnerships with companies whose values align with our vision to protect our nation’s wild public lands, guide energy development to compatible places and make sure public lands contribute to climate solutions, and ensure that all people can access and share in the benefits of the outdoors from the urban to the wild.

In keeping with the Corporate Contributions Policy established by The Wilderness Society’s Governing Council, we do not accept contributions from:

  • Companies engaged in the oil and gas, mining or forestry sectors
  • Companies where a material amount of the company’s business involves resources extraction from public lands
  • Companies not in compliance with environmental regulations
  • Companies with a negative environmental image.

Contact information

Kelly Beckner, Corporate Relations Officer: | 202-429-2625