“Resilient Forests” bill is a misnomer for attack on wildlife, clean water and forest health

Jun 16, 2017
The Wilderness Society strongly opposes a discussion draft bill called the “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017,” which was heard in the House Natural Resources Committee on June 22.

Statement from Mike Anderson, senior policy analyst with The Wilderness Society:

“This ill-advised and controversial legislation would greatly undermine longstanding public involvement opportunities and environmental safeguards for managing America’s public forest lands. 

It ignores science necessary to guide restoration of healthy forests and excludes the public from participating in decisions about forests close to where they live and play. This draft legislation is a clear-cut disaster for America’s forests, wildlife, fishing streams and drinking water.

The bill is much worse for the public and the environment than similar legislation that passed in the House in 2015.  For example, the new bill doubles the amount of forest that can be logged with no environmental review or opportunity for public input.” 



Mike Anderson, Senior Policy Analyst, The Wilderness Society: (206) 624-1670; mike_anderson@tws.org

Kate Mackay, Director – Wildlands Communications: (602) 571-2603; kate_mackay@tws.org

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