Administration's Call for Public Comments Seeks to "Rewrite History"

May 5, 2017

A hiker pauses in the depths of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona.

Copyright Mark Miller

Today the Department of the Interior released details of the Administration’s April 26th executive order calling for a “review” of national monuments designated under the Antiquities Act. DOI says it will soon open a public comment period and listed the 22 national monuments it will review most immediately under Trump's recent executive order.

Dan Hartinger, deputy director of public lands defense with The Wilderness Society, issued the following statement:

“Millions of Americans of all backgrounds have come together over the past 21 years to firmly support protection of our nation’s important parks and wild places. They will do so again to see these remarkable lands and waters saved for all time.”

“The record of support includes robust public meetings before and after designations, local advisory councils, and tens of thousands of postcards, calls, emails and all manner of public support. This Administration is effectively looking to rewrite history and erase overwhelming citizen support for saving America’s greatest treasures that belong to us all.”