Better Health, Cleaner Air, and Lower Bills At Risk - The Wilderness Society Statement on the BULB Act

Jul 12, 2011

The following statement from The Wilderness Society Director of Climate Policy David Moulton is regarding today’s House vote on the Better Use of Light Bulbs (BULB) Act.

“Only a dim bulb could think that the BULB Act is good for America.  The current light bulb efficiency standards help consumers save money, create jobs, and improve overall health and air quality.  Eliminating the efficiency standards doesn’t improve anything for consumers, only makes America more dependent on destructive polluting energy sources.”

“The energy savings from the current standard means that we don’t need to build up to 30 new power plants – many that would use fossil fuels that contribute to lower air quality and increased illness and premature deaths, and the costs associated with them.  Eliminating the need for these sprawling power plants also helps keep landscapes connected and healthy – in short, saving energy saves lands.
“The improved light bulb efficiency standards were passed with bi-partisan support and signed by President Bush.  Undoing them now will cost American industry and consumers across the board, and it’s an effort that should be rejected.”