BLM rule will modernize planning for future of public lands

Feb 11, 2016

Forward-thinking planning being developed in areas like the California Desert can better balance conservation and clean energy. 

Wilderness Society believes new actions will be a game-changer

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a draft regulation, Planning 2.0, that will change the way the agency manages public lands in a rapidly changing world.

Some of the actions announced include gathering more information from the public early on to avoid conflicts later, taking a broader look across ecosystems, including wildlife migration patterns, and making plans more adaptable to varying situations and a changing climate.  We have already seen examples of this type of forward-thinking planning being developed in areas like the California Desert and the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, and for the greater sage-grouse across the West.

The following statement is from Nada Culver, Senior Director of The Wilderness Society’s BLM Action Center:

“This is a game changer – and a much-needed one. It’s time to update the BLM’s decades-old planning practices to be responsive to modern challenges and the value so many people place on public lands. The goal of the initiative could make land use planning more dynamic, efficient and collaborative in the face of increasing land use and growing impacts from climate change.

We applaud the agency for looking into fresh ways to plan for use and conservation of our public lands, as well as ensuring input occurs early and often from the public – the land’s true owners.” 

Nada Culver
(303) 225-4635