Bright future ahead for renewable energy

Oct 31, 2013

A pair of new bills introduced in the U.S. Senate this week show promising signs for establishing a new standard for clean, renewable energy.  The bills, the American Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act from Sen. Markey (Mass.) and the Renewable Electricity Standard Act of 2013 from Sens. Tom Udall (N.M.) and Mark Udall (Colo.) would help reduce climate change pollution and create jobs through a Renewable Energy Standard (RES).

“It’s great to see strong support for clean energy coming from the Senate,” said Chase Huntley, director of government relations for The Wilderness Society. “Sen. Markey and Sens. Mark and Tom Udall are tremendous champions who continue to show support for clean energy, and the jobs that can be created implementing a Renewable Energy Standard across the nation.”

A majority of states and the District of Columbia have already instituted a type of renewable generation standard, ensuring that a minimum amount of electric power comes from clean sources like wind and solar energy. Making the standard national would make clean energy a priority and promote economic growth. Installing the wind turbines and solar panels needed for clean energy production has proven to be a job creator. The bill from Sens. Udall would create an estimated 300,000 jobs, according to their offices.

“Smartly implementing a Renewable Energy Standard will continue to grow the clean energy economy, and combined with the Obama Administration’s efforts to guide clean energy to the right places, we can look forward to cleaner air and a cleaner economy,” said Huntley.