Climate Adaptation Report Highlights Need for National Strategy and New Resources

Sep 29, 2010

The following statement from David Moulton, Director of Climate Change Policy for The Wilderness Society, is regarding the release today of the National Climate Adaptation Summit Report by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research:

“Today’s report, which brings new attention to the critical question of how a nation prepares for the adverse effects of global warming, paradoxically reminds us of how unaware we are as a country of the size and scope of the challenge of climate adaptation.

“No individual crisis – Hurricane Katrina, disappearing glaciers in Glacier National Park, nor drought in the Southwest drying up Lake Mead, for example – has so far been sufficient to galvanize public support for bold action against climate change. Yet they all stem from the same folly – a man-made market failure that allows polluters to dump carbon pollution into the atmosphere for free.

“A century of such pollution now haunts us, and we are obliged to prepare not just to address the root causes of global warming, but also the present and growing effects.

“The Administration should follow today’s report with its own strong recommendations for action on climate adaptation. The President initiated this process when he issued an Executive Order last October setting up the Interagency Task Force on Climate Adaptation, which will be issuing a report next month. With renewed presidential attention, there is still hope that the nation can find the resolve and the resources to rebuild our natural defenses in time to thrive in a warming world.”