Close fossil fuel tax breaks, not wild places

Feb 19, 2013

Today, President Obama called on Congress to pass legislation to avoid across-the-board budget cuts from the so-called “sequester.”  The Wilderness Society President Jamie Williams said this in response:

“President Obama outlined some of the worst outcomes from the indiscriminate, across-the-board cuts from the sequester today. These cuts would be devastating to America’s national parks, wildlife refuges, and forests, and could board up and rope off some of America’s greatest treasures.

“The amount that we spend to keep our wild places open, vibrant, and accessible to all Americans is a fraction of one percent of the federal budget, but the rewards from that are much greater. More than 6 million jobs depend on parks, forests, and wildlife refuges for hiking, camping, hunting and angling. 

“Rather than instituting cuts that would hurt the economy and hardly impact the federal budget deficit we should look to eliminating the billions of dollars in unnecessary tax breaks that the fossil fuel industries receive each year. These industries have proven that they can stand on their own, without taxpayer support, and the savings could go towards protecting our wild places.”