Conservationists redefine what makes Mama Grizzlies

Mar 2, 2011

The Wilderness Society honors Mama Grizzlies during National Women’s History Month

THE WILD (Wednesday March 2, 2011) The Wilderness Society is redefining what makes a Mama Grizzly during Women’s History Month, which occurs in March. We will be honoring women who work every day, at home or on the job, to protect our shared wild places that are homes to grizzly bears and other wildlife.

This campaign, The Real Mama Grizzlies redefines Sarah Palin’s “mama grizzly” as women who stand up for our wild places and defend our treasured lands from threats like oil and gas drilling and over-development. 

“Our Mama Grizzlies are the women who are standing up for our kids by conserving our natural treasures for the next generations,” said Amy Vedder, senior vice president for conservation at The Wilderness Society. “Our Mama Grizzlies may be liberal, moderate or conservative, but we share a strong common love of wild places and the wildlife that brings nature alive.  And they take action every day to ensure America’s wilderness is protected for those who follow in their footsteps.”

The campaign also highlights the woman’s voice that is often overlooked in historical and modern-day memory.

“When the wheels of the conservation movement were turning in the 1950s and 60s, it was men who were often in the spotlight,” Vedder continued. “But women were vital partners and leaders in that movement, and this March, as we celebrate National Women’s History month, we recognize their historic work.” 

The campaign will feature several components:

Grassroot Mama Grizzlies: Through stories and blogs, The Wilderness Society is honoring women whose lives and actions have contributed to protecting our vulnerable wildlands and wildlife. The series will profile Mama Grizzlies, past and present, working to protect the environment on-the-ground in precious places like Alaska, the Arizona desert, the Colorado mountains, the canyons of Nevada and more!

Mama Grizzly Pledge: The Wilderness Society is asking people, female and male, to take the Grizzly pledge to protect wildlife habitat. The aim is to help set the record straight on who is the Real Mama Grizzly by having 20,000 Grizzlies take the pledge. Or visit  

Mama Grizzlies Blog: The Wilderness Society will feature a blog series during National Women’s History month by a real Mama Grizzlies writing about the ways they protect our shared treasured lands and waters.

The campaign will continue throughout the month of March, so stay tuned for updates!