Craters of the Moon and Hanford Reach National Monuments taken off the chopping block

Jul 13, 2017

Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho 

Bob Wick BLM
Many other national monuments still remain at risk

Today, The Department of Interior recommended that Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho and Hanford Reach National Monument in Washington remain protected.

The following statements are from the respective state directors in those regions:

“Admitting that Craters of the Moon is worthy of protection is a no brainer,” said Craig Gehrke, Idaho State Director for The Wilderness Society. “The real celebration here would be ending the larger review of our national monuments that have already been deemed special places worthy of protection.

“We are happy to see Craters protected, as Idahoans wanted, but no monument is safe while the proverbial dragnet is being cast over all others.”

“We are glad that Secretary Zinke and the Trump administration heard loud and clear that Washingtonians wanted Hanford Reach National Monument to remain protected,” said Ben Greuel, Washington State Director for The Wilderness Society. “As one of the last free-flowing stretches of the Columbia River, it’s a cultural, ecological, historical and recreation treasure to many.

“After making this decision, the administration has a responsibility to consider the many great treasures all over the country under review. Our national monuments deserve protection for all and future generations, not scrutiny and dismantling.”

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