Department of Energy's loan guarantee should not be cut

Sep 23, 2012

Statement from Chase Huntley, director of renewable energy policy, The Wilderness Society on the House-passed Continuing Resolution:

"Last night the majority in the House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that cuts a critical bipartisan program used to help invest in necessary domestic renewable energy sources. Many members of the majority party sought access to these funds during the last year in order to receive important government assistance for growing renewable energy companies in their district.

"However, now they have gone back on their promise to create jobs for Americans by cutting the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program. Programs like this are responsible for moving the United States away from foreign oil to a domestic clean energy future. Jobs have been saved and created through this important program that Republicans in the House of Representatives are now working to eliminate.

"In order to slow and attempt to reverse this march towards climate change we need to invest in renewable energy. We urge the Senate to stand firm in the face of these disastrous cuts and to pass a clean bill without harmful cuts."

Chase Huntley