Environmental Rider Attempts to Undermine Wilderness

Apr 12, 2011

The last minute Continuing Resolution that was agreed to by Congressional leaders last week included an environmental rider that attempts to roll back the clock and open our wildest lands to drilling and destruction by blocking the Department of Interior’s Wild Lands policy. The continuing resolution bans Interior, including the Bureau of Land Management, from using any budget funds towards implementing this policy in 2011.

The following statement can be attributed to William H. Meadows, president of the Wilderness Society.

“Wilderness has always been and will continue to be an important part of America’s public lands. We will continue to fight for, and expect to see protection of, places like Otero Mesa in New Mexico and South Shale Ridge in Colorado for their wilderness values. We are very disappointed by the restrictive language regarding the Wild Lands policy. The fact is that the BLM has a legal obligation to protect America's most sensitive public lands, and we will continue to work to make sure those lands are protected by Congressional or administrative decisions.”