A far better infrastructure plan

Mar 7, 2018

Trailworkers in the Linville Gorge WIlderness Area in North Carolina.

The Wilderness Society
The infrastructure plan unveiled by Senate Democrats today presents a vast improvement over the one proposed by the Trump administration.

The Wilderness Society issued the following statement about the plan.

Lydia Weiss, Director of Government Relations at The Wilderness Society, said:

“This proposal provides a solid roadmap for investing in our shared public lands and the nation's vital infrastructure. It offers funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, park maintenance, tribal needs and other priorities. It contrasts sharply with a White House proposal that steamrolls environmental protection in the name of infrastructure, which is a road to nowhere.”

Bedrock conservation laws like the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) are not holding back infrastructure investments – starved budgets are.  The Trump administration’s efforts to gut NEPA and related safeguards reflect anti-conservation bias, not a pro-infrastructure agenda.

The Senate Democrats’ infrastructure plan calls for:

  • $15 billion in total investment in public lands
  • $5 billion to address the National Park Service maintenance backlog
  • $4 billion to fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • $2 billion to address the U.S. Forest Service maintenance backlog
  • $1 billion to address the U.S. Fish and Wildlife maintenance backlog
  • $2.5 billion to address wildfire prevention

These valuable investments in our public lands are, at their heart, infrastructure investments. Whether a Land and Water Conservation Fund Project creating a new access point for hunters, or added urban greenspace, or investments ensuring that campgrounds, roads and visitors’ centers are maintained and safe at our national parks, these investments provide the physical and economic foundation for the nearly one-trillion-dollar a year outdoor industry, and thousands of local economies and businesses nationwide. 

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