Farm Bill improves forest management

Feb 4, 2014

U.S. Capitol Building

Dept. of Education

The following statement can be attributed to The Wilderness Society President Jamie Williams, regarding the passage of the farm bill in the Senate.

“The Wilderness Society applauds Chairwoman Stabenow, Senator Baucus, and Senator Bennet for tackling complex forest management issues in the farm bill. Collaborative forestry projects are key to landscape conservation and forest restoration in the West and the forest provisions in the bill can help foster and advance collaborative efforts.  The Wilderness Society is committed to seeing these provisions effectively implemented on the ground and being part of the solution in advancing comprehensive forest restoration projects.

“Stewardship of America’s National Forest System includes active forest management in some places, while setting aside others for permanent protection.  Congress needs to now turn to passing these broadly-supported proposals to designate some areas of our National Forests for permanent protection.”