Fix to the wildfire budget crisis is missing from Senate funding bill

Jun 23, 2016
US Forest Service, flickr.
Statement from The Wilderness Society.

The Wilderness Society released the following statement from Lydia Weiss, Government Relations Director for Lands, regarding the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s consideration of the Wildfire Budgeting, Response, and Forest Management Act of 2016, a discussion draft bill meant to address forest management, wildfire and fire funding. 

“The Wilderness Society has long advocated for a clean fix to the fire borrowing crisis, but the draft legislation being heard by the Senate Energy Committee this morning only gets us part of the way there.  What’s more, it is full of controversial policy provisions that would encourage old growth logging in America's temperate rainforests like the Tongass and limit citizens’ ability to weigh in on the management of national forests that belong to all Americans.

We encourage the committee to focus on the urgent charge of passing a clean fire borrowing solution and not sabotage that process by adding divisive policy provisions that would dismantle bedrock environmental laws.”   


Lydia Weiss, Director of Government Relations for Lands, (202) 429-9484; 
Kate Mackay, Director of Wildland Communications, (602) 571-2603,