Focusing on a different green this Earth Day

Apr 20, 2010

Fight against climate change threats mean more jobs for Massachusetts

WASHINGTON – A new report from The Wilderness Society shows that it is easy to be green this Earth Day – with climate change adaptation jobs in Massachusetts creating jobs and spurring economic development.

“Earth Day is typically a time of celebrating all things ‘green’- but with a struggling economy, living ‘green’ isn’t at the forefront of most people’s minds,” said JP Leous, Climate Change Policy Advisor for The Wilderness Society. “This is why climate change adaptation jobs are so crucial to both the economy and the environment right now.”

“Climate change adaptation jobs” is a catch-all phrase for projects that help prepare the environment for any effects of climate change that cannot be prevented, even with reductions of greenhouse gases. These jobs include forest and wetland restoration, logging road removal, and other wildlife habitat and ecosystem improvements.

The Wilderness Society’s report highlights several examples of work that is already being put on the ground in Massachusetts, and the jobs and environmental benefits that are already being reaped from them. Studies, including one by UMass, estimate that a $1 million investment in these types of projects can create and protect 13 – 39 jobs, and spur more than $2.1M in economic activity.

“The restoration of coldwater fisheries, salt marshes, and other projects detailed in our report are just the types of projects that serve as a win-win for local communities,” said Leanne Klyza Linck, Director of the Northeast Program for The Wilderness Society. “These projects also protect the billion dollar tourism industry in Massachusetts, and the water resources that residents depend on year-round.”

Read the report.