House vote puts nearly 250 million acres of public lands at risk

Feb 7, 2017

The United States Capitol 

Daniel Mennerlch, flickr
Advancing CRA on BLM’s planning rule greatly diminishes the public’s input on our lands

Today, the House passed a resolution using the Congressional Review Act to repeal the Bureau of Land Management’s “Planning 2.0.”

Congress is attempting to rollback a rule that, not only helps decide where, when and whether to drill, mine or log on our public lands, but also what we save for future generations.

In response to today’s news, The Wilderness Society issued the following statement from Assistant Director of the BLM Action Center, Phil Hanceford:

“Using the CRA to undo Planning 2.0 is a power grab from Congress aimed at shutting Americans out of the process and handing power over to the oil and gas industry. There is no going back once this rule is abolished. The BLM will never be able to issue another rule like it without Congress’ approval – causing lasting harm to our lands.

“The BLM’s landmark rule seeks to modernize planning and ensure that all users of public lands, not just the oil and gas industry, have a seat at the table when it comes time to say how our lands should be used. Congress, who claims to have the best interest of all Americans at heart, should support that notion, not fight it.”

BLM’s “Planning 2.0” was finalized in November of 2016 after 2 years of public input. It was designed to address modern management challenges – as an update to the 1983 regulations. 


Phil Hanceford, Assistant Director, BLM Action Center,, 303-225-4636

Anastasia Greene, Communications Specialist,, 540-207-3162