House vote to repeal needed methane rule is a win for oil and gas CEOs, but a loss for the American people

Feb 3, 2017

Oil and gas wells in North Park, Colorado

WildEarth Guardians, Flickr
In response to today’s House vote to repeal the Interior Department’s Methane and Wasted Gas Rule using the Congressional Review Act, The Wilderness Society issued the following statement from Energy Campaign Manager Josh Mantell:

"Today’s vote in the House to repeal BLM’s wasted gas rule was a win for the American Petroleum Institute, the Koch Brothers, and oil and gas CEOs, but it was a loss for the American people.

"This much-needed rule will make sure that American resources are used for public good and not wasted by the oil and gas industry. If left alone to do its job, it will return over $800 million in royalties to American taxpayers over the next decade.

"By voting to repeal the wasted gas rule today, the House also signed away our ability to ever address the easily fixed waste of natural gas. This decision goes against the interests of the American people, their health and their wallets. 

"We urge the Senate to reject this resolution and stand up for commonsense rules that help manage our public resources.”