House Western Caucus wants mining at edge of Grand Canyon

May 3, 2018

House Western Caucus members want mining near Grand Canyon NP.

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House of Representatives’ Western Caucus members sent a letter to President Trump, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue that questions the “merit” of mining withdrawals put in place by the Obama Administration to protect drinking water and the outstanding natural and cultural significance of the Grand Canyon plateau. The letter demands that the President and Secretaries “scrap” withdrawals across the country; find the full list here.   

The following statement is from Mike Quigley, Arizona Director for The Wilderness Society:

"The Western Caucus is once again calling for indiscriminately tearing up some of America's most cherished places, including lands directly adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park.

"The mineral withdrawal--and others like it--was put in place partly to provide time to study the potentially harmful effects of uranium mining on the Grand Canyon, the area’s drinking water and wildlife, and the health of local communities. Mr. Gosar and friends appear disinterested in facts and studies, disinterested in clean water, tourism, and healthy communities, and intent on turning America's cherished places into open pits and waste dumps for the profit of a few.

"Americans have spoken time and again that our parks and public lands make them proud and they want more protection for them, not less. The Western Caucus seeks to undo the actions of the previous Administration and subvert the expressed will of the people. That’s not representative governance --it's shilling for mining companies."

Stretching across hundreds of thousands of acres of the “Arizona Strip,” the Grand Canyon plateau is one of the wildest and most ecologically significant regions in the West. Uranium mining in this sensitive and stunningly beautiful area could destroy crucial wildlife habitat, damage northern Arizona’s tourism-based economy and put the health of the Colorado River and those that depend upon it at risk.



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