Leaked White House memo: infrastructure spending could be funded by selling public lands

Jan 24, 2018

Wilderness Society staff performing trail maintenance at one the nation's heavily visited Wilderness Areas, the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area in North Carolina.

The Wilderness Society opposes any infrastructure bill funded by selling off or selling out the nation’s public lands. Brad Brooks, Public Lands Campaign Director at The Wilderness Society, said in a statement today:

“The Trump administration is saying, in effect, 'we will fix your crumbling roads and bridges and pay for it by selling your parks and public lands.’ Fortunately, many Americans see right through these attacks on our public lands and won’t stand for politicians threatening to steal their land by privatizing it and selling it off for development.” 

A leaked White House document on infrastructure called, “Funding Principles,” reported by various media January 22, included a section called “Disposition of Federal Real Property,” which would “establish through executive order the authority to allow for the disposal of Federal assets to improve the overall allocation of economic resources in infrastructure investment.” The document also suggests that the infrastructure projects should not be subject to public review.

Michael Reinemer, The Wilderness Society, 202-429-3949, michael_reinemer@tws.org

Brad Brooks, The Wilderness Society, Cell: 208.870.9043, brad_brooks@tws.org