Mahoosuc Touring Map goes wireless

May 24, 2012

Online and smartphone enabled map will help tourists and locals alike find outdoor adventure

Just in time for summer vacation, the Mahoosuc Touring Map is going digital – putting great local adventures at the fingertips of visitors and locals alike.  Find the map at

The Mahoosuc region in New Hampshire and Maine is an ideal spot for hiking, paddling, horseback riding and other outdoor recreation. Just over 3 hours from downtown Boston, it’s a great way to get outside without the crowds.

“Visitors to the Bethel area have loved the Mahoosuc Touring Map as a printed piece – and we are excited that it is now available in a mobile application, and the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce has been happy to help with the development.  We will absolutely be utilizing this into the future,” shared Robin Zinchuk, its Executive Director.

The map features interactive links to popular local destinations, including YouTube videos and audio downloads.  There are also easy identifiers for popular features like fishing holes and scenic vistas.

“The Mahoosuc Touring Map is a great resource for families looking for new places to explore,” said Ann Ingerson of The Wilderness Society, one of the partners of the Mahoosuc Initiative. “Streamlining the map for smartphones and mobile devices makes it even easier for folks to get outside and enjoy nature.”

Local businesses will also benefit from the map, which includes outfitters and rental shops.

“People have just been grabbing these right up, they love ‘em. Most of our guests here at the Mahoosuc Inn are here for outdoor adventure activities and this map has it all!” said Mark Peabody, owner of the Mahoosuc Inn in Milan, NH. “Now that it’s on smartphones you can access this information anywhere. People can plan their stay while on their way.”

The map was developed by the Mahoosuc Initiative, in collaboration with Umbagog area, Androscoggin Valley and Bethel Chambers of Commerce.

Find the Mahoosuc Scenic Touring Map online at

Neil Shader