Mike Anderson of The Wilderness Society selected for National Forest Management Act advisory committee

Jun 8, 2012

The Wilderness Society’s Senior Resource Analyst, Mike Anderson, has been selected to serve on the National Forest planning rule implementation advisory committee by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.  The distinction comes after years of dedicated work on forest management issues, often in close cooperation with the Forest Service and USDA.

“Mike will be a tremendous addition to the National Forest planning advisory committee,” said Melanie Beller, The Wilderness Society’s vice president for policy and government affairs. “Mike’s leadership on everything from the Roadless Rule to forest planning makes him a great asset both to the committee and to The Wilderness Society.”

As a newly minted member of the committee, Anderson will advise the Forest Service and the USDA on management initiatives, planning, monitoring and collaboration best practices, and rule implementation directives.  Mike will be an authoritative voice on issues of public land law and wilderness protection within the committee.       

Anderson joined The Wilderness Society in 1985.  He has been influential in helping establish the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which banned most logging and road building in 58 million acres of national forest.  Most recently, Mike co-led The Wilderness Society’s review of the Forest Service’s proposed revision of the forest planning rule.