Multiple Attacks on Clean Air Act

Mar 15, 2011

The following statement from The Wilderness Society’s Director of Climate Policy David Moulton is in response to Congressional attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency.

“The attacks on the EPA today in Congress – the planned one by the House, and the sneak attack by the Senate – are driven by a commitment to ideology, an allergy to science, and a disregard for the public health. We need long term energy solutions that don’t poison our air and water. Instead the Republicans in the House and Senate are doing the most extreme bidding of corporate polluters.

“The Republicans leading these attacks appear to have lost touch with what most concerns average families, channeling instead the desires of polluting industries.  Clean air and clean water require following science not politics. EPA's implementation of the Clean Air Act has saved $21 trillion since 1970, according to nonpartisan estimates. EPA should be thanked, not vilified, for this remarkable result.

“Congress should adopt a “more of what’s above, less of what’s below” energy policy that focuses on more clean energy from wind and solar, and less from the dirty fossil fuels that pollute our air.”