New Trump executive order is a blatant sell-out to industry executives

Mar 28, 2017

Rolling back climate policies will have detrimental impacts to our environment 

Trump executive order guts climate change policies

Today, President Trump signed an executive order with multiple environmental rollbacks that will harm public lands. The sweeping directive targets policies to undo the Clean Power Plan and undoes the pause in the federal coal program. It also strikes down guidelines that were put in place to ensure climate pollution considerations were part of the environmental review process, reverses rules to minimize methane pollution and rejects science determining how to calculate the cost of carbon emissions to society.

The Wilderness Society president, Jamie Williams issued the following statement:  

“The greatest threat to our lands and waters is a changing climate. Increasing wildfires, shrinking habitats and impacted recreation seasons are only some of the climate consequences our lands are facing. We should be ensuring that our public lands are part of the climate solution, but rolling back these policies will only make them part of the climate problem.”

Public lands coal leasing to resume

President Trump also called for resuming coal leasing on public lands before completing a 3-year review the Department of the Interior recommended. The set of recommendations included requiring coal companies to clean up lands they mine, pay for carbon pollution consequences and increasing royalty rates from public lands coal.

Williams also said:

“With this action, the administration has short-circuited an overdue review of the nation’s federal coal program before it could even begin. Doing so ignores that markets are turning away from coal, and disregards that coal production continues to contribute to harmful carbon pollution.”

“This executive order sends a signal that fossil fuel production is the top order of business for public lands, and that special interests will continue to trump viable and essential environmental safeguards.”