Obama administration announces rules to cut carbon and fight climate change

Mar 27, 2012

Statement from David Moulton on new carbon pollution rules announced by the Obama administration.

"Today the Administration acted to protect the health of all American families by limiting pollution from new power plants.  At the same time, the new rules offer a glimpse of a future where our watersheds, forests and oceans will be given a chance to save us from ourselves.

"Power plants are the largest stationary source of carbon pollution, which American industry routinely dumps into the atmosphere as casually as it used to dump toxics into the local river.  By beginning the long slow process of limiting these emissions from the largest sources, the Administration is restoring hope that the health of future generations will not be forever sacrificed for short term commercial gain.

"Cleaning up harmful carbon pollution from power plants is essential to protect our health from the harmful effects of climate change, create more jobs, and protect our environment. 

"With these new rules, the EPA is doing its job under the Clean Air Act -- the job Americans want and need them to do: hold polluters accountable.  For more than 40 years the Clean Air Act has protected American’s health and with improvements based on new science it can do so for generations to come.

"Together with the Obama Administration’s and EPA’s clean car standards that will cut carbon pollution from new vehicles nearly in half by 2025 while helping rebuild the American auto industry, new and existing power plant standards will make significant reductions in harmful carbon pollution that threatens public health and causes climate change."

David Moulton