Obama makes the right decision, blocks the Keystone XL pipeline

Jan 18, 2012

The Obama administration’s decision to turn down the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is the right decision according to The Wilderness Society senior director for legislative affairs David Moulton.

“Today President Obama made the right choice and put America first, ahead of oil industry profits. He preserved a fact-based assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline from being overrun by politics and the special interest pleas of the polluters.  The administration is correctly following the science, acknowledging that the full effects of the Keystone XL pipeline cannot be determined by the arbitrary deadline set by House Republicans, and thus, the pipeline was rightly denied.

“The Keystone XL pipeline is a global warming accelerant that will turn an already dangerous situation into a disaster.  It is a threat to the American heartland as 1700 miles of pipe carry toxic tar-based crude across some of our most important drinking water supplies so that the TransCanada oil interests can get world oil prices on the export market.   This is not a pipeline To America – it is a pipeline THROUGH America.

“A radical majority in the Congress continues to want to jam this project down the public’s throat because the main course is so unappetizing when looked at on the plate. It is an earmark, plain and simple – an attempt to achieve politically what cannot be justified on the merits.”