The Pressure Mounts to Protect America’s Wilderness

Jun 14, 2011

Over 100 groups from across the country sign letter in opposition to anti-wilderness legislation


A coalition of over 100 local and national groups sent a letter to members of the House of Representatives today asking them to oppose H.R. 1581, the Wilderness and Roadless Release Act.

The Act is a “wholesale assault to provisions of law that protect tens of millions of acres of roadless and wilderness-quality National Forests and public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management,” the letter states.

The letter continues, “By eliminating these protections and opening up these lands to development, H.R. 1581 would rob the American people of their national heritage and would deny future Americans the opportunities to visit these undeveloped lands.”

The letter comes as momentum is building across the country for greater protection of our natural places. Last week, former-Interior Secretary, Bruce Babbitt, called on the Obama administration to take a stronger stance on conservation. His calls were answered by the current Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, sending his own letter to Congress pushing for a bipartisan Wilderness agenda.

“The American people have had enough of these attacks on our wild places,” said Paul Spitler, National Wilderness Campaigns Associate Director at The Wilderness Society. “This bill jeopardizes some of the most special landscapes in America. We are asking Congress to reject this shortsighted proposal and preserve our shared lands so our kids can enjoy them as we do today.”

To view the letter and the opponents of H.R. 1581, please visit:

Paul Spitler